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Exceptional Reliability.
Fiberweb Products are composed of the finest components available, while strict quality-control measures governing the manufacturing process result in consistent production runs characterized by high tensile & tear strength and longevity.

Innovative Construction.
Fiberweb Products were the first flashing products manufactured with polyester as a core component, and among the first to employ E.L. Dupont's Mylar to encapsulate a metal flashing resulting in the reduction of product permeability and the doubling of the flashing's effective lifespan.

Universal Application.
Fiberweb Products have been successfully used for over thirty years throughout the entire range of the building trade from new to rehabilitated construction by private and institutional builders in residential, commercial and industrial settings, as well as by public authorities, including the federal government in both civil and military construction, within the United States, Canada and overseas.

Easy Installation.
Fiberweb Products are lightweight, flexible, form inside and outside corners with ease, hold their shape, and do all this without the need of specialized tools or equipment.

Environmentally Responsible. Fiberweb Products are chemically inert, and protect the environment and save natural resources by employing 10% recycled polymer film and 100% recycled paper in their manufacture.

Warrantied Longevity. Fiberweb Products are warranted for their performance & longevity so long as they are installed in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.


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