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A 40 mil “peel and stick” flexible flashing made with DuPont’s Elvaloy backed with a solvent-free clear butyl adhesive and a removable release liner.


  • Excellent puncture/tear resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • No adhesive drool
  • U.V. stability
  • LEED- 55% Post Industrial Recycled Content


Special Requirements: All material specified shall be delivered to the jobsite in approved manufacturer’s sealed containers bearing manufacturer’s name and material identification.

All masonry and other surfaces should be reasonably smooth and free from any loose dirt, dust or other materials and completely dry. There should be no shapes which would prevent the flow of water to the exterior surface of the walls. All work shall be executed in conformance with accepted trade practices.

Flashing shall be AQUA WRAP consisting of a flexible membrane made with DuPont’s Elvaloy backed with a clear butyl adhesive for a total thickness of 40 mils.


  • Thru-wall Flashing
  • Concealed Flashing
  • Head and sill Flashing
  • Foundation Sill Flashing
  • Base Flashing
  • Parapet Flashing


Prime substrate with a recommended primer following manufacturer’s instructions. AQUA WRAP should be cut into manageable lengths of 8-10 feet. Remove release liner and starting at the lowest point work upwards. Once membrane is in place, use a steel hand roller to secure AQUA WRAP firmly in place eliminating any wrinkles or air pockets. Terminate turned up AQUA WRAP on a vertical wall with either a termination bar, into a reglet or under counter flashing. All sides should be lapped a minimum of 4 inches. All laps should be sealed with a sealant 1/8” – ¼” thick and 1” wide. Inside and outside corners must be covered with two layers of membrane and sealed with a sealant. No maintenance is required once installed.


  • AQUA WRAP is cut flush with outside surface of building when no drip plate is installed
  • When using a drip plate, trim bottom edge of AQUA WRAP 1” back from exterior face of building
  • Termination bar is recommended for surface mounted AQUA WRAP
  • AQUA WRAP must have no wrinkles or air pockets when installed and not span gaps or voids in excess of ½”


3M               Hi-Strength 90
Denso          Butyl Spray
Henkel         Permgrip* 105*
Henkel         SIA 655

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for applying primer. If area is left exposed for more than 24 hrs.- re-prime the surface. NOTE:  Some primers develop condensation when the ambient temperature is near the dew point. If condensation develops, do not install AQUA WRAP. Allow the area to dry and re-prime the previously primed area, then continue installation of the membrane.


Flashing should be stored between 60 degrees F – 80 degrees F. Storage in excess of 90 degrees F may affect the shelf life of the membrane.


Water Absorption

ASTM D- 471


Peel Adhesion 

ASTM D- 903

5 lbs./in.  min.

Tear Strength

ASTM D- 624

177 PPI  min.

Tensile Strength

ASTM D- 412

1000 PSI  min.


ASTM D- 412

125%  min.

Accelerated Weathering 

Xenon-arc  5000 hrs.

no cracks or crazing

Hold Temperature 


-25 degrees F- 180 degrees F

LIMITATION: Not to be used as an exposed flashing

WARRANTY:  All AQUA WRAP flashings are warranted to meet the specifications listed herein and are tested to assure conformance to the physical properties listed in the Technical Data Table.

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